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Rank your profile at the top to make you stand out in a crowd of jobseekers

Getting the right job is not an easy task, especially when you are a fresher. Shinypro Service helps you stand out in your interview with a professional profile that highlights your skills, experience and abilities.

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We help people like you find jobs in different companies

No hiring manager or hiring panel is going to take you seriously if you aren’t well-versed in the latest industry trends and technology. That’s why Shinypro Service includes a series of workshops to guide you through the process of finding and landing the right job for your experience level.

If you are looking for your first career opportunity or if you're in the market to find a job, Shinypro is your go-to place. We help people like you find jobs in different companies in India. We have multiple features which can make your search for job easier, including finding contact details of companies and their profiles which help you decide whether that company is worth your time or not.

We work tirelessly to keep you up-to-date on the latest job opportunities. Each day we find hundreds of job listings from different job boards, newspapers and online places. Updated daily, you won't have to worry about missing out on a great opportunity.

One stop solution for all your Career needs

Shinypro Service is a one stop solution for all your Career needs. If you want to find right job, Shinypro help you to find right jobs provides all information about companies, profiles and experience required for that job. It also lists their contact details, so you can reach them first. This service provides information on any employer and their expectations so you can be sure to send a resume that is tailored to those requirements. You can rest assured that you are the best fit for the position when contacting them for a face-to-face interview.

Benefits of ShinyCareer
  • Premium members receive special benefits and additional recognition in an application for a new job. Shiny Pro gives members additional benefits such as free job alerts, hidden jobs information .The Shiny Pro role entails the greatest commitment on the part of the researcher. Countless numbers of recruiters, head-hunters and top leading MNCs get in touch with us for the right and bright talent. Reach them through us.
  • Through hidden jobs, you can search hidden jobs all over India based on your job location preferences. To ‘Speed-up’ your job application process before others, we facilitate job notifications through e-Mails and through Social media apps like FB and Whatsapp as well. With Shinycareer, you stand at an ‘Advantage’ of personalizing your job notifications the way you want them to be – at any time you feel like.

Service Highlights


Search and Apply to Jobs on ShinyCareer


Receive criteria based relevant jobs on Email 6 - Max in Week


Get the best jobs delivered to you which match your criteria


Weekly updates on jobs available in the market


Apply for jobs on the move from your phone


Customized job alert option as per your profile