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Address Investigation


Address Investigation Services at Your Aid.

  • With our expertise and specialized tools, these services can delve deep into public records, databases, and other sources to unveil crucial details associated with an address.
  • From verifying personal information to identifying hidden assets or conducting background checks, address investigation services offer invaluable support in various scenarios.

How Online Address Verification Service Work

It only takes three simple steps to verify the
address of your customers


Address Document Validation Checks

  • Full Name of the user is mentioned on the document
  • Address document is not photoshopped or forged
  • The address document is not older than 3 months
  • The document is fully visible with no folded corners
  • The document type is correct and valid
  • The document displays the full address in an accurate format

Supported Document Formats

ID Card Passport Employee Letter Envelope Driver’s License Tax Bill Insurance Agreement CPR Smart Utility Bill Bank Statement Rent Agreement

International Address verification service comes
with unique features


Global Document

Multiple documents (with
address present on them)
are accepted for verification



Image & video evidence of
address verifications are
provided for every verification



Verify addresses with artificial
and human intelligence to
reduce false positives


Quick & Easy

Perform address verifications
within 30-60 seconds with
the user-friendly interface


Verify Remote

Remotely authenticate the user’s
residential location as present
on identity documents



Validate address against address
documents that are not older than
three months to ensure authenticity

Back-office Access to Results & Proof of Address Verification

  • Full evidentiary proof of address verification
  • A strong defense against false chargebacks
  • Intensive reports for case building

Address Verification Solution for
Various Industries

E-Commerce Platforms

Effective address verification helps
e-commerce businesses to enhance
their customer experience and avoid
chargeback frauds.

Online Banking

Real-time verification of addresses
helps banks to provide seamless
account opening services and
ensure KYC compliance effectively.

Online Library Systems

Libraries with online systems can
streamline their registration and
card renewal processes with online
address verification solutions.

Digital Payments

Credit card address verification
reduces the chances of fraudulent
transactions and helps businesses
mitigate identity fraud.

E-ticketing Systems

E-ticketing platforms can enhance
customer experience and reduce
delays by verifying the address of
their clients in real-time.