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Background Verification


Why Background Verification?

In today’s highly competitive world, the Human Resource (HR) Department of most organizations are trying to close the positions fast. The reason being they want to get more skilled manpower to enhance the productivity of the organization in order to effectively compete with the competitors.

Shinycareer is one of the leading background verification companies in India. Hiring the right candidate is not an easy task. We assist businesses like yours to hire the perfect candidates by conducting a powerful background verification and rigorous checks.

It is seen that many organizations in India, small and large are immediately hiring candidates that match all the key requirements on paper, i.e. on their resume. In this regard, many companies are ignoring the crucial background verification checks of employees. In the modern age, fraudulent activities and misconduct are quite common in every field. Hence, in order to protect organizations from any such threats, background verification checks and screening of employees is essential. Background verification involves checking the authenticity of the information provided by the candidates on paper.

Employees are the assets of your organization. They are also the face of your organization in front of the clients and in the market. No matter whether an employee is a junior executive or at a top managerial position, he/she directly represents your brand identity in the market. Any misconduct or unprofessional behaviour by any employee can tarnish and severely damage the image of your company as well in the market.

Shinycareer helps to protect your organization with the correct background verification strategies. We offer a wide range of background verification and screening services before you onboard any employee. Our pre and post-employment verification of candidates ensures that you hire candidates whose background has been verified completely.