Job Description

Therapy Manager / Medical Representative-

Achieve the tertiary and secondary business of the division in the respective territory and therapy by managing relationships with the key stakeholders viz. doctors & chemists and by creating prescriptions by marketing the companys brands and providing superior customer service thereby achieving the companys overall Business targets for the division in India.


Key Accountabilities

List the expected end results that must be achieved in order to fulfil the job purpose and the activities that help in achieving these results.

Accountability ClusterMajor Activities / Tasks

I. Achieve the Sales targets by brand marketing against the plan for the year identify the customer-brand matrix by doing appropriate market studies, and placing the right product for right customer.

Understand the potential of customer and modifying the selling techniques

Promote the product with the help of scientific tools/publications, demonstrations, PDA, reminder cards etc

Ensure the monthly Doctor Conversion & increasing prescriber base

Drive the business of PPP and NI Products for establishing the brands thereby improving business stability

II.Monitor business details thereby planning the sales achievement Being aware of Primary business orders and stock position at Stockists and create plans for liquidation of the stock and Monitoring Secondary billing

Increase the YPM of the assigned territory

Monitor the Product return, stock and Expiry at the different stockists in the territory

Ensure the Product Availability at all places within the territory

Collect the Competitor Information by conducting RCPA (chemist retailing)

Take PoB (Pen on Book) for the respective products and ensuring billing from stockists

III.Maintain the Basic Working standards for daily operations Maintain the standard Call Average and Chemist Average of concern division as stipulated

Categorise the doctors based on the potential and maintain the Visit Frequency of A++, A+, A and B and provide differentiated services

Update the Must See List (MSL) regularly by identifying the uncovered doctors and dot doctors

Update the Daily Call Report (DCR) on regular basis for recording the days field work

Create and follow Call Planner & monthly Travel Plan

IV.Develop and continuously enhance In-clinic Effectiveness for driving better results and increasing prescriptionsBuild skills to detail all the products which are promoted along with the knowledge of advancements in therapeutic research

Build Ability to discuss the Therapy, indications, applications and Demand the Product prescriptions

Attend the Therapy/ Divisional/ behavioral Training Programs for developing the ICE

V.Manage customer relationship for continued engagement of Key support customersAnswer all the queries raised by the customers related to the therapy/ products & respond quickly to meet customer needs

Conduct and provide academic Services and Activities as approved by the organization to the respective doctors and monitor the ROI from the investments

Promote Cipla Differentials for creating brand recall amongst the doctors

Maintain operating relationships with chemists and stockiest and hospital purchase personnel & Pharmacy-in-charges

Ensure compliances as prescribed by the authorities and the organization like MCI guidelines, UCPMP etc.


Major Challenges

Describe the major challenges you face in carrying out the job, and what you do in order to overcome them.

Difficulty in answering and engaging the customer (Doctors) who are more knowledgeable and experienced in the field than the Therapy Manager

Extremely high and active competition with very limited time to create impact

The actual productive time in a day is limited as majority of the time is used up during the waiting time in front of Doctors cabin

Downward price revisions by the Government may cause loss of business volumes


Key Interactions

Who (internal/external) does this position interact with on a regular basis to perform this role? How often and for what purpose?


Area Business Manager regular reporting

HO / Therapy managers

HR meetings, Learning & development sessions (as per need basis)Doctors Day to day working (daily)

Chemists Daily basis for market information and business (POB / Secondary sales)

Stockists Limited / less frequent (Business orders, product availability, )

Purchase in-charge in Hospitals and nursing homes




List the data which will reflect the scope and scale of activities concerning the job.

 (These should be quantifiable numerical amounts)

Handling business in a territory assigned which has an average business ranging from 2 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs in certain less contributing therapies and from 7 lakhs to 14 Lakhs in major therapies like Respiratory

The business is derived from about 100 180 no. of doctors in the territory and from 3-5 stockiest. The incumbent has to handle about 8-14 different brands with a few SKUs in each brand.


Key Decisions:

List the key decisions this job can take on its own and some key recommendations made to reporting manager (or others) for approval


Daily Call planning & Monthly tour planningShall recommend differential services and initiatives for certain set of doctors for business improvement to the Area Business Manager

Brand matrix for doctorsCamps and activities for any particular doctor recommended to the Area Business Manager

Use of different types of material / samples and / or gifts for promotion



Educational qualifications:

Graduate, preferably a Science graduate or have studied science up to class XII.

  • Non-Science candidates may be considered, in case of specific experience in the division/industry

Job Role :

Hiring Alert: Medical Representative

Industry :


Qualification Required :


Experience Required :

0 - 3 Years

Location :

Mumbai Region

Gender Preference :


Required Skills :

Medical Representative

Job Detail:

Job Timing :

9:30 am - 6:30pm | Monday to Saturday

Interview Details :

11:00 am - 4:00pm | Monday to Saturday

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Job Summary
  • Location

    Mumbai Region

  • Job Type

    Full Time

  • Salary

    ₹25000- ₹35000

  • Date Posted

    21 July,2023